Canna Medicine Consult

We are always being asked who the Genius behind this amazing research… is well here he is.


It was only a few years ago that this Bio-chemist with 4 different types of Cancer and Diabetes was sent home from Hospital to die… Sorry – no money no more Hospital!

But Trevor was not ready to go upstairs, and instead used his skills as a Bio-chemist to isolate which cannabis plants would best help with cancer.

He shared with like-minded researchers in laboratories around the World and compiled the biggest data-bank of information to date.

Now with answers for over 2 000 illnesses he helps more people than you can imagine in many different Countries.

So why is he always smiling? Whenever you meet Trevor he is always happy. Think about it. He escaped from a horrible ending, found his passion in life and now helps others in the same position……….. So very gratifying.

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