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Brain Tumour

Me and my Brain Tumour

“I would like to thank Cade and Kerry for the incredible support they offered me when I was diagnosed with cancer this year – a brain tumour on my Pituitary gland – I was in ICU and High Care for over 4 months, without my capsules. I received radiation and it made me so ill that I nearly died from the effects of the horrible treatment.  I was discharged for a weekend and decided not to return to medical doctors. Best decision ever. I take the capsules and the tincture and have started healing beautifully.  My eyesight has almost returned to normal, am able to drive and work as well as teach and run my yoga studio again.  I am so grateful for the research and support that I have received from these wonderful and very knowledgeable team.

I am so grateful that I am alive and will not be returning to  medical doctors again. I am well, strong and do believe my tumour is shrinking. I can breathe again and have a new lease on life!

Thank you!!!”

Colic in Horses

Copper our Rescue Horse

“So we have a rescue horse, Copper, and being involved in the equine community, we realised the devastating effect that colic in horses has, they die!. So I called Cade – he made us horse suppositories!!!  These are incredible and we keep them at the stables and have spread the word. The suppository stops the colic in its tracks and has saved every horse that we have assisted with the treatment!  Horses are expensive and we have even suggested the treatment for AHS (African Horse Sickness), successfully helping every single horse that started with the symptoms.

I can vouch for this product for pain – our boy was diagnosed with Kissing Spine and was deemed un-ridable and it was suggested by the vests to “put him down”. No way. My wonderfully gifted daughter worked with Cade and Kerry’s Canna products – it has been a slow process, but 4 months later, using the oil, he is being ridden again!  He has developed Sarcoid on his hock and we started applying the Canna Balm with turmeric directly onto the site – it is shrinking by the day!!!”

Cancer in the left chest

Shirish Rummun (Olympic Finalist 1996)

“In December 2018 I was diagnosed with a tumour in the left chest

(equivalent to Breast cancer in Woman).

I was bullied into conventional treatment: Mastectomy / Chemo or Radiation.

On the spot I said since we doing one side let’s cut the other side off as prevention. I then asked myself, well if I’m pumping chemicals into my body to kill the bad cells, why do I still have to do the operation. The Doctors response was hilarious: “oh we follow European Law and Protocols”, and they also claimed it was “genetic”.

The BRACA test turned out Negative.

I then decided otherwise, took things into my own hands after researching alternative treatments – ended up with massive life style changes. Raw vegan diet, cut out sugar, meats, dairy and processed foods, did a 3 week water diet, started Ayurvedic medication from India and jumped onto Full Extract CBD Plus oil (medicinal cannabis).

Been on the Full Extract oil for a few months – started with a grain of rice and today it’s way more.

Everything just went into place… diabetes disappeared and markers went down. Now I just finished at a Bio Clinic in Switzerland and they discovered the cause is Heavy Metal toxicity / Pesticide toxicity which has made my NK Cells not work properly, opposed to the “genetic” lie.

In short the Full Extract CBD Plus held it all in place, contained it and got the remaining bad cells to die and disappear, as my Ultra Sounds and PET scans have been clear.”

Dog Cancer

My Edy

“My Bull Terrier cross Staffy was diagnosed at 8 years old with cancer when I was honoured to meet up with Cade and his team, I started my boy on the doggy biscuits after the vets diagnosis was rather bleak and not very encouraging… I was devastated at the time, but was given so much support and informative advice from Cade, that I had nothing to lose and started him on his medicated pellets. Edy lived to be just over 13 this year!!!

In the end, he became frail and being a large very active breed, he began to slow down but was completely pain free… he developed a growth on his leg and I started treating it with the Canna Balm and then was encouraged by the very knowledgeable Kerry to move him onto the CBD Plus capsules… this enabled my Boy to live pain free and happily until his eyesight and hearing went and eventually his ripe old age could no longer support his body weight and his hips gave in… Edy had such a will to live and was so peaceful and happy, but I had to make that dreaded decision to have him put to rest… luckily I had my Stress Drops and Canna support to get me through the grief and heartache of losing another baby to cancer. Thank you Cade and Kerry and your team for giving Edy and I an extra 5 years of love and companionship!”

Skin Care

Penelope Williams

“The face wash arrived quickly, was well-packaged, and works wonders. It doesn’t leave my face feeling oily or stripped. Some face washes leave a weird residue behind, but not this one!
I would like to add that I have been delighted with the results since using your products. I have suffered with sensitive and problem skin since my teenage years; a long time ago now! These products are beautiful to use and smell divine. They are also very different in texture to any other products I have used, but so far I have seen a big improvement in my skin and have not suffered any breakouts. It smells so natural and organic without any of those horrible nasties you find in commercial products. My skin just soaks it up feeling moisturized, soft and supple.
Thank you for creating such amazing skincare that is also environment-friendly.”

Skin Cancer

Norman, my Dads Skin Cancer

“A few years ago, my Dad came out in horrible skin cancer. I have been applying the Canna Balm to his head and it has all vanished. The doctors are quite taken aback and actually I have had orders from them personally for the Balm!  My Dad is 80 and his skin has never looked better!  He also suffers from Parkinson’s Disease and severe pain – suppositories are a quick go-to for relief within minutes, without the drowsiness and without having to go through the already old and compromised organs. They give him instant relief and he is really grateful for the relief they offer him.  The suppositories are wonderful to keep in the fridge for any emergency – from bites, headaches, pain, inflammation, fevers – you name it. I am never without my stock of suppositories which I use for both human and animal healing.

I have such gratitude to Cade, Kerry and their incredible team for all the love, support, healing, and friendship that they offer me. I am eternally grateful and will continue to share the incredible healing benefits of their products to all I meet.

With love, in joy and oceans of peace.”


Benjamin My Gran Baby Boy

“I have been blessed 2 months ago with a beautiful Grand Baby Boy, who has severe colic. We started him on the CBD tincture and the results have been incredible. Little Benjamin sleeps peacefully now and Mum and Dad get to rest too!  I had my reservation about giving a new born cannabis… but WOW!

Some more recent Pet Testimonials

Karma the Boer-bull and her skin itch
“Our beautiful very large Karma has been suffering with hot spots and severe skin itch, so out with the doggy medicated biscuits to heal from the inside. We are now using the wonderful Canna Pet Shampoo on her skin, as well as the Pet Balm for hot spots. She is allergy free and calm and happy – thank you so so much!!!”
Mavrick and Staffire, the Staffy Twins (thunder, lightning, Diwali, Guy Fawkes and New Year Bangs)
“So our animals suffer terribly from the loud bangs we experience; whether natural or caused by very cruel people. No stress with Cade and Kerry’s doggy pellets. A few biscuits, which they absolutely LOVE, and we have peaceful, rested dogs and no chance of them running away or being distressed.  Best product ever!!!! 
Nugget – the rescue with Tourette’s and itchy skin!!!!
“So my daughter rescued a Yorkie cross Russell in 2014 – he has been a challenge to say the least. As little as he is, he has a terrible affliction of attacking people and other animals for absolutely no reason… he is wild…but …hello canna biscuits… this doggy is a dream on his biscuits – calm and the rest of the pack are safe, not tpo mention the fact that we can have visitors over without the stress of them being taken out by the little guy!!!  Nuggie also has suffered with very allergic skin and used to scratch himself until he bled, no more after he has his biscuits and doggy canna shampoo to heal and support him!
Bomber and the Centipede
“So I received a call from my brother a couple of years back, his huge Karva Pit Bull had collapsed and was foaming at the mouth. He had been stung by a centipede. I contacted Cade and asked for advise – Cade told me to use a Canna suppository, as well as capsules orally. Bomber survived, much to the vets surprise a these insects usually cause the limb to go lame permanently and often the animal can die. Well, he survived and made a full recovery.  So Bomber had been run over by a train when he was 8 months old and battled with pain and his movement, but after seeing the effect the medicated dog pellets had on him, my brother continued with the pellets and he is pain free and living a quality happy life. Another wonder-filled story of the benefits of cannabis for animals!”

All you need to know

How does our System work?

We are born with a Cannabinoidal system. It’s in our DNA. The cannabis plant and various others have the same. Cannabis oil seeks out damaged and blocked cells and start to destroy the toxins.
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How to Wean off Pharmaceuticals

It is required to start weaning off the pharmaceutical meds, so the Cannabinoids can focus on the toxins in the body. Stop infusing your body with toxins, and maintain the intake of positive energy.

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Cancer Support

A healthy gut is a healthy body. A ph. balanced body is a cancer free body.

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12 Cancer Fighting Foods

It is required to start weaning off the pharmaceutical meds, so the Cannabinoids can focus on the toxins in the body. Stop infusing your body with toxins, and maintain the intake of positive energy.

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