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From the desk of DR Wilco (part 2)

Cannabinoids do two things:
They destroy toxins. We have taken a toxin and shot it with a bullet and do you know the bullet ricochet off the toxin. Then we put some THC onto the toxin and it destroyed it.
Then because of the proteins in the cell wall, i.e. the receptors recognise the cannabinoids, they open to receive it and cellular change takes place. Cannabis is a natural stimulant to the receptor!
So with our system, what we do is detoxify the body. And we bring in positive energy to feed the cells. We are all just energy! Everything is energy.
That is our endocannabinoid system. We make natural cannabinoids that feed the cannabinoid system. The positive energy!
They take you back to feeling young again.
We grow our strains in local farms as well as in mountains that are free from pollutants, with natural flowing waters and clean air. Swaziland has the best growing specs. We also grow in contained environments, where if one walks in, you are fully suited. There are zero toxins, chemicals or bio-toxins used in the growth process.
Some people use alcohol or benzene for extraction purposes. This is toxic.
One method gives the purest of medicinal available in extraction. Co2, bioethanol extraction. The Co2 extraction on one side, destroys a lot of the THCs. But when we get to bioethanol extraction, that is a manual method. We do not use isopropyl/alcohol, because it’s toxic. Whereas bioethanol is manufactured from the Co2 machine we run, as a natural bi-product and from the bio-digestor. This gives you the purest of extractions, because it is working on the bio-molecular structure of the plant. Breaking it down, and it’s not working on an intrusive basis, like an acid or lacquer basis, which strips it down, on a chemical basis. So it actually dissolves it and it becomes part bioethanol versus stripping it. Like taking lacquer thinners vs normal mineral thinners. Lacquer thinners will take a mark off the wall. Mineral thinners will take the paint off!! But both are thinners.
One is more biodegradable. The other one is completely toxic.
We use all sorts of extraction methods depending on the oil required.
All the different parts of this healing plant can be used…. the bud is used for the magic healing properties, the stem for juicing, the leaf for tea and poultices and the root for DNA and bone healing.
We use the entire plant.
With the root – we grow the plant aeroponically, to avoid the toxins in the ground and the result from that is the Skelligrow capsule. It has zero THC, and it works on bone and DNA repair. With unbelievable results. Doctors have been impressed.
Please visit our secure website with transactions easily and securely done with Pay-Fast . Check out the testimonials, studies, dietary advise and book a free cannabinoidal treatment consultation. Part 3 of this post will be posted next week.
Yours in Healing, DR Wilco (TMP

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