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Drug interactions & what to avoid

Warfarin: THC and CBD increase Warfarin levels (Yamaori et al 2012).  Frequent cannabis use has been associated with increased INR. Patients need to monitor INR closely, at least twice a week, as the cannabis will increase the levels – this means that the patient will have to decrease the Warfarin dosages.

Alcohol may increase THC levels (Hartman 2015)

Theophylline: Smoked cannabis can decrease Theophylline levels (Stout and Cimino 2014)

In children treated with CBD for epilepsy, CBD increased Clobazam

Beta Blockers: Medicinal cannabis to be introduced gently and slowly

Kidney problems: Medicinal cannabis to be introduced gently and slowly

Methotrexate: Is a form of chemotherapy causing more harm than good

Statins: We recommend patients come off them straight away if cholesterol is not chronic. They are toxic and one of the worst pharmaceuticals for the body

Blood Pressure/Cholesterol: THC regulates BP and Cholesterol. Patients to closely monitor their levels and adjust meds accordingly.

Ritalin/Concerta: Takes 74 years to leave the body!

Steroids & Cortisone: Takes 6 months to get out of the body!

Cannabinoids do NOT like Morphine! Patient not to take FECO until weaned off Morphine

Suppositories: There is only 20% absorption ratio with suppositories. It is an excretory area of the body. If the patient has piles or hemorrhoids, canna balm applications work best and very effectively

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9 Prescription Medications You Should Avoid Mixing With Cannabis

Death by conventional medicine

Almost all drugs are TOXIC and are designed only to treat symptoms and not to cure anyone

Cannabinoids remove the pharmaceutical toxins in the body.  The pharmaceutical drugs shut the neurological side of the brain down, saying “everything is ok”, when in fact it isn’t ok.   So it just masks the symptom.  It covers the cells and masks the condition.  And with this constant toxic intake, because the cells can no longer communicate with each other clearly, due to being covered with toxins, it causes yet another imbalance in the body, which in turn requires another drug to remedy that symptom, which then causes another imbalance… and so it goes on.  Until you are on a concoction of meds and suffering so many side effects including pain, major depression and overweight due to the toxic overload.

These pharmaceutical drugs are completely toxic to the human body.  A foreign substance that your body can’t make.  Your body can not react to cannabinoids as it has cannabinoids in it already.  If someone has a ‘reaction’ to the cannabinoids – it is not the cannabinoids, it’s the toxins and the pharmaceutical drugs causing a toxic warfare in the body.   The THC goes in to destroy the toxins, (take the toxic eye masks and ear muffs off the cells) so the cells can start communicating with each other again, and the CBD goes in to repair the cells.

How to wean off your Pharmaceutical medication

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